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Our Mission: to publish, annually, one simple and beautifully made chapbook by an exceptional poet who has not yet published a book or chapbook.

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Kim Noriega’s book of poetry, Name Me, is now avaiable from Fortunate Daughter Press.  Click HERE to purchase your copy.

For more information @ Kim and to read a sample poem from Name Me, visit her website at www.kimnoriega.com

“As the title, Name Me, suggests, Kim Noriega’s superb collection of poems is a journey of self-discovery, capturing high-voltage moments of anguish, abuse, and tenderness, beginning with family then lovers. This is hard-core poetry for hard-core life, but with nothing crude about it—just stunning clarity.”—Jeffrey Greene


Our first title, An Urgent Request, by Sarah Luczaj,  is available for purchase by clicking HERE or through the bookstore link on this website.  Enjoy!

The first poem in Sarah’s Book, An Urgent Request:

(1968 –1989)

José, the light is moving in the water
José I carved a poem in the walls of a room

the room was dust
and the planets were
trapped as the people
in it and it broke
on them, and the room
broke on the sky which
is made of dirt as
the room is made of
dirt and the people
are made of dirt
and also the stars

it broke
on your body made of stars
José and now the words
are set in those walls
forever, too deep, and no one
is allowed to stand
between them, my room
sits alone in the city
José the light is moving in the water
and you are a mouthful
a handful now, a scattering

I wanted to tell you this
José who broke the windows

José the room was dust


What people are saying about An Urgent Request:

“Sharp, dramatic, funny and shocking poetry”

-Yuri Andrukhovych, Ukrainian poet, novelist and essayist. Co-founder of the popular literary performance group “Bu-Ba-Bu” (Burlesque-Bluster-Buffoonery).

“I read An Urgent Request  with enormous appreciation.  The  mix of emotion and imagination, the near side of the domestic juxtaposed with the wrenching human questions, without the scaffolding of overt autobiographical narrative,  immediately brings to mind some of my very favorite poets: Akhmatova, Radnoti, and Rosario Castellanos.  Beautiful poetry.”

-Jeffrey Greene, poet, memoirist and nature writer.  His latest book, The Golden Bristled Boar, is forthcoming from University of Virginia Press, 2010.

“From the tenderness and breathlessness of “oh my girl” to the irony and humor of “How to Take Control of Your Own Life,” Luczaj’s sensitive and daring poems invite the reader to follow her and to heed her urgent request — no, no, let’s swim a little further.”

Heather Hartley, Paris editor of Tin House; author of the poetry collection Knock Knock, forthcoming from Carnegie Mellon in 2010.

Ready to buy the book?  Click HERE.

Still reading?  Check out Sarah’s BIO and read or participate in her Author Q&A HERE.